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Customization of Different Canvas Sizes

With the rising demand for unique artwork, the requirement for different sized canvases has increased exponentially. It has become very tiresome for artists to have to stretch their own canvases, hence proving the need for premade and presetretched custom sized canvases that can be easily available for artists to purchase whenever they require.

We here at Canvas Wholesale are now providing exclusive Customized Stretched Canvas service to our professional artist clients. This service is aimed to be for artists which are very particular about the size and type of canvas they paint on. This allows them to save time and focus on the artwork at hand. Furthermore, this service extends to canvas wholesalers as well who are looking to stock up on some custom canvas sizes.

Currently, our online store offers a large variety of sizes which are readily available to order. Our smallest size starts from 4×4 inches and the sizes go on up from there. Our entire line of canvases is made under the brand Ascot which we proudly like to call our own. All our canvases are made from either cotton or polyester and are of the highest grade.

The blank stretched custom canvases are made and passed after going through a high-quality check so that customers get the best of products that they have bargained for. No matter which type you go for, which size you decide, we will bring the best canvases online for you. Our custom canvases are perfectly suited for oil and acrylic paints alike.

Also, please note that our custom built canvases are made to order. Since they are made to order, once the order is placed it cannot be cancelled or returned. If the order is received as damaged while in transit it shall be replaced by us. We will contact the client before their order is processed and shall confirm the size, quantity and orientation of each canvas

We strive to offer artists with highest quality of artist canvases allowing them to be provided with the best mediums to paint.  . So, buy custom built artist canvas online from us and make it count for yourself.

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