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We are contstantly taking the feedback from our customers and trying our best to meet our clients expectations. Recently we added the following two new canvas sizes to our inventory as requested: 200x100cm (80×40″) Deep Edge 10x13cm ( 4×5.2″) Deep Edge Let us know if there is something specific you would like us to add

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With the rising demand for unique artwork, the requirement for different sized canvases has increased exponentially. It has become very tiresome for artists to have to stretch their own canvases, hence proving the need for premade and presetretched custom sized canvases that can be easily available for artists to purchase whenever they require. We here

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 It is just not about the cotton canvases but about the 100 percent cotton canvases. That are high on hit with the artists’ because of many of its advantages. I will highlight the reasons later why cotton canvases are artists’ preference over the linen canvases, but before that, it is important to underscore why not

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When we talk about the retailers, it is their dream to get products in smaller quantities at the better retail rates if not the best plus to get the best them at the best wholesale prices when buying in larger quantities. On the other hand, if we step into the shoes of an individual buyer,

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 To have the canvas is the fundamental thing for an artist but he cannot go ahead with his artwork unless he has got all the essential art supplies that he needs. Every artist may have different priorities in picking out the right set of art supplies before getting to start his artistic endeavor, but the

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