Thin Edge Canvas Artist Thin Edge Stretched Canvas

We hold a massive range of pure cotton canvases that are expertly stretched on the stretcher bars and professionally finished providing a smooth surface for a smooth painting experience.

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Thin edge stretched canvas is the basic canvas type with the 18m depth of the frame. In terms of its range, we store a diverse selection that covers most of the sizes starting from the smallest to the largest. We make the standard canvases under the banner of our own brand Ascot. Maintaining our brand image, we furnish our clients with the best-finished 18mm stretched canvases for the best art results. The surface of our standard edge stretched canvas is 3 times gesso primed acrylic enabling the artists to paint smooth and hassle-free. You can paint with acrylic, oil, and watercolours without the paint seeping into its surface. Artists enjoy painting on it.

Cheap Standard Thin Edge Stretched Canvas

In terms of the prices, wholesalers’ retailers and entrepreneurs get the best UK wholesale prices of our-made the standard thin edge stretched canvases. Apart from it, if an artist is interested in buying a large quantity of our standard canvases, we offer the same wholesale prices that we offer to wholesalers for bulk sale. We provide the high standard thin stretched canvases which are made, stretched and finished skillfully whilst offering the most competitive UK rates for them. The thin frames have a unique effect when it is displayed by hanging it on the wall. It creates a simple yet significant art impression for people with its aesthetic sense. All in all, you can get all you need in our discounted standard edge stretched canvases in terms of its fabric, it’s stretching, its priming and ultimately the painting effect on it.

Hassle-free & Convenient for Artists:

Although art buyers and artists have two options in the shape of stretched and unstretched canvases yet stretched ones are considerably more convenient. It is like a ready-made canvas that you can purchase and paint once you get your hands on it. We understand that artists may find the need of standard stretched canvases and, hence, may need to purchase which is why we have a large collection of these. It saves time in a way that clients will have to assemble and stretch it before starting the artwork on it. We free you of this hassle by providing you with professional-handed stretched thin canvases that allow you the space to think more on the painting. Once you have these, start painting with grace as you will get a quality art painting for sure.

Best Online Shop for Standard Stretched canvases:

We create the ultimate difference by manufacturing a whole host of standard edge stretched canvases at the most affordable prices going around in UK. The best online shop UK that ensures you have the best buying experience of standard depth canvases is none other than canvas wholesale. These stretched canvases are perfectly stapled from behind in such a clean way that artists can even draw their paintings on its corners as well. We invite wholesalers, retailers and artists to buy our brand of thin stretched canvases and feel the difference after painting on these. We guarantee that you are going to love painting on these art pieces as results will be as you want.