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We offer a massive range of canvas stretcher bars for artists who want to create their own art stand frames before painting. The stretcher bars we offer are wooden-made. It is pinewood that is lightweight but strong and durable.

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Canvas Stretcher Bars

Wooden Stretcher Bars

Canvas stretcher bars are the most basic item an artist requires before starting work. These allow the artist to stretch their canvas and mount them according to their needs.

Here at Canvas Wholesale we offer Canvas stretcher bars in two depths of 18mm and 38mm. Each of these depths cover a variety of sizes in terms of lengths. These lengths range from a minimum of 8 inches to a maximum of 60 inches. Moreover, we offer canvas stretcher bars in pairs as well as in boxes.

First, before deciding on the sizes required, the artist must decide on the type of painting the canvas shall be used for and the art space needed.  Then, the sizes needed come into play. The Canvas stretcher bars we are offering are made from the highest quality of Pinewood.

Why Canvas Wholesale Stretcher Bars:

Every artist requires a firm standpoint from where he can create his pieces with stability, fluency and consistency. Our high quality wooden stretcher bars easily allow the user to wrap their canvases with even tension. This allows the artists to draw smoothly without any hindrances.

Our Canvas stretcher bars are very user friendly making them easy to assemble. Completed artwork will highly depend on the quality of the Canvas stretcher bars. This is where our high quality stretcher bars play a pivotal role by permitting artists to fully focus on their art instead of fretting over time spent on constructing the stretcher bars.

Wholesale Stretcher Bars:

Our Canvas stretcher bars are not only for individual clients. They are also for wholesalers and retailers who are looking for the best wholesale prices. We offer the highest quality of our DIY canvas stretcher bar kits at the most cost effective prices. This offer also extends to our single buyers. If artists are looking to purchase items in bulk, Canvas Wholesalers allows them to buy their products by taking advantage of the unbeatable wholesale prices.

Having said that, wholesalers, too, don’t have to buy in bulk. If they are looking for certain sizes of a specific depth, they can purchase them at the most competitive prices. As a result, if an artist is looking to find something with which he can deliver his artwork flawlessly, check out our variety of wholesale stretcher bars.

Cheap Canvas Stretcher Bars:

Canvas Wholesale strives to provide you with the best of the best. This includes providing it’s customers with Canvas stretcher bars at very competitive prices. In conclusion, whether you’re looking to purchase in bulk or in singles, we offer the best rates keeping in mind maintaining the highest quality of standards.