Inkjet Canvas Rolls Polyester Inkjet Canvas Rolls

When it comes to printing artwork, we offer the best of polyester inkjet canvas rolls.The salient features of our polyester inkjet canvas rolls are that they are crack-resistant, water-proof with a matte finish on them. .

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A Brief Description of Canvas Rolls

When it comes to printing artwork, we offer the best of polyester inkjet canvas rolls. We do these rolls in meters (18m and 30m). Between these two sized polyester inkjet canvas rolls, we provide a number of different widths that artists and digital media people can get at the most affordable prices in the UK. Plus, these rolls are highly compatible with most digital media reproductions. To give you art a digital look is what makes these rolls very desirable in many different ways such as banners, ads, trademarks, photos and etc. Our polyester inkjet rolls weigh 220gsm. They give sharp, vibrant and bright digital portray of art. Above all, they work equally well for ink, pigment and dye.

Canvas Rolls Wholesale:

We give a fantastic opportunity for small businesses, entrepreneurs, wholesalers and retailers to get our brand of polyester inkjet canvas rolls at the best wholesale prices. We do a diverse range of these rolls to cater the large printing and digital media needs arising in the contemporary scenario. They not only allow the artists the freedom to bring a change in their art theme but also give durable art prints that remain vivacious for long. If you have an art printing or digital print work to be done, our polyester canvas rolls will be the ultimate choice to bring about the best printing results that you are looking for. Once the print is done, you can stretch it out with ease as it is flexible enough to be stretched any way you like. In short, using it is a fine way to display digital artwork..

Inkjet Primed:

Our polyester rolls are inkjet primed in a professional way that anyone using does not need to do any coat on it. It is all in readiness to be printed once you have it. Its biggest plus point is that it is printable with most printing machines and in most printing formats. No matter you are using pigment, dye or ink in the printing machine; it is going to bring the same level of results. With its rolls, you have the liberty to make it any size that you require at a time. On the top of all that, you can do large amount of print works with one buy which would otherwise require you to have each size which might not be available.

Best UK Standard

The degree of quality is the most important factor in a product. Quality is premier as far as our polyester canvas rolls are concerned. We do art supplies on our own with quality raw materials to ensure that products meet the best UK standards. We make sure that product passes the trials and tests, after which, we call it an artist quality product or one ready to be sold for customers. The products we end up displaying on our site are tried and tested. We are the best in the art business and, polyester canvas roll is no exception. We come up with a range of sizes in our wholesale polyester canvas rolls so it is up to you to choose among these. Cater you large digital and media printing needs with our high standard polyester canvas rolls.