A complete guide on how to paint abstract art on canvas

Before getting started lets just make sure we’re all on the same page. The following piece is a master’s guide on how to get started on abstract art for your canvases.

Be Talented

It is a common misconception that abstract painting is done by artists who have difficultly drawing, don’t have any academic training or who are just generally spastic. It’s true many untrained amateur artists do engage in paint being applied to surfaces in ways that may be termed as abstract. However, being an abstract artist is a proper profession. It requires training, dedication and the ability to work full time. Abstract does not necessarily mean amateur. For example, the Canadian geometric artist John Monteith earned his BA from the Ontario College of Art in Design in 1997. After almost a decade he returned to school earning his MFA from Parsons in New York in 2008. Since then he tours the world exhibiting his work and delivering lectures. To be successful as an abstract artist you need a combination of education, professional training and skill; in other words, talent.

Be Intentional

Another myth is that abstract art is created unintentionally. But in reality abstract art originates with an idea; it is intentional. Even at a brief glance at history, it demonstrates that intentionality is a must. Early abstractionists such as Pablo Picasso were guided by purpose. Having scientific dedication on their side, they deconstructed painting, isolating elements such as color, line, texture, form gesture, surface and stroke. Having the intention they found ways to put those components to use to express something with universal meaning.

Be Relevant in abstract art

It is common for artists to go directly to university from high school, onto graduate school and then directly into professional practice. However, in order to be professional and have intention in your art and to be relevant, you must catch yourself up on what the rest of the world is up to. Travel, read, learn how to cook, stand for something. Learn about what your art would mean to the other 7 billion humans on this planet. Find a way to connect to them. Abstract art does not necessarily mean that it has to be about something but it does have to be made by someone who is.

Have an Opinion

If you opt to become an abstract artist, you will eventually have to show someone your art. Viewers will respond with questions such as “is this image symbolic of something else, or does it only depict itself?” or, “Why blue and not red” etc. As a professional artist you must make a claim on what you made. Have the confidence and sincerity. There is no substitute for intellectuality. You don’t necessarily have to explain your work or say what the piece means to you. But if you refuse to explain your intent or pose questions back to your viewers it might come as selfish and it leaves it up to others to define your work.

Be in Control in abstract art

Every mark that ends up on that canvas is intentional. If it isn’t its called a mistake and the artist has the choice to edit it by removing the mark or leaving it there. Its all about making the choice and staying in control.  Own every stroke. Abstraction isn’t chaos. If something happens in the painting that you hadn’t consciously planned for, make sure you address it. Confront the unplanned situation and decide whether to keep it or not. Whatever you end up deciding, that will result in having made a choice futher leading to it being planned.

Be Open

While keeping all the above in mind, have the ability to let loose. Connect with your subconscious and let emotions do some of the talking. Be sure to paint viscerally and put your feelings onto the blank canvas. Even if what you are painting is intuitive, primal, unplanned, you are still making a choice. This is because you stall end up deciding when the painting is all complete.

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