Why should we use canvas frame for paintings?

Canvas frame ! A very common question that usually comes to mind is why should we use canvas frame for our paintings? Is it necessary? Would we want to? Well, lets find out!

In short, if a canvas is stretched properly and you are content with the way its sides look, you can opt to go without a canvas frame. A painting on canvas, unlike it’s paper counterpart, has a structure and way about it that is very unique. It is not necessary to frame all your canvases. You may own paintings which have a specific way about them, for example, could be created on extra deep stretcher bars having an image transfer on acrylic that is screwed on top to make it look like an extra layer. The final piece would give off an unfinished yet edgy look about it, which when framed, would lose its luster and compromise the art itself. A vital part of having a frame is to make the final piece have a complete look instead of having it interfere with the original purpose which the artist might have intended.

Artists might also tend to create works of art on canvases which might have different wraps such as the gallery wrap or museum wrap. When these wraps are used it is almost never necessary to use canvas frames.

Having said that, usually, a painting in a frame will be more appealing. It is liked by many to see canvas paintings have a frame framed to fit both the style of the art and setting where it shall be on display. A breathtaking landscape, still life ot even a traditional portrait painted with oils or acrylics can be outshone and highlighted with the use of a canvas frame.  

Another elegant alternative which could be used is a float frame. It basically allows some space of “floating area” between the canvas and the insides of the frame making the art stand out. These frame are connected to the canvas from the back as opposed to casing the image with a lip in the front. An advantage of this type of frame is that is displays the artwork completely for the viewer. The float canvas frame also provides a refined and graceful separation between the frame and surroundings. This is usually a style that can be seen in contemporary settings.

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