Why are cotton canvases artists’ preferences? Because as said before, despite the transcending features of cotton canvas over the linen ones, the quality of the fabric always plays a huge part in making artists trigger about the canvas type. Cotton, when found in its original form, is matchless and spectacular. When pure and real, it can do the positive features of the linen fabric as well which is the durability that an artist wants to save his art in the archive.

If you are curious and looking for the reasons why artists’ preference, here are its features that prompt artists to go for it.




Flexibility is the first and foremost feature of the cotton canvas which is missing in the linen fabric because it is strong and once stretched; it does not get back to its original fabric strength. However, it is not the case with the ultra-flexible cotton materials; the more you stretch it out and the more it depicts its flexibility. Why cotton canvases are artists’ preference, the first reason is here for you, and it is wonderful because you can try it out on different sizes and lengths of stretcher bars. When artists buy it, they do it because they know that when they elongate it over the stretcher bars; it won’t lose its consistency, won’t impact on the art painting results and won’t affect the quality of the cotton either. Flexibility proves to be the biggest plus of pure cotton canvas.


The creamy white or white colour of the pure cotton is the perfect background for most pictures, paintings and hand art. The thing with the pure cotton is that it never fades away and retains its natural white colour if the artist protects the art drawing well from moist, sunlight and other external elements that can deteriorate it. This way the genuine colour of the cotton fabric remains as new and as evergreen as you want it to be. Whatever roughness and ruggedness there is on the outer cotton surface is smoothed with the help of a primer. In this way, it absorbs and accepts painting watercolours, oil paints and acrylic colours to create the best painting results. The naturally right colour of cotton canvases is also one of the reasons why cotton canvas is artists’ preference.



The third reason why cotton canvases are artists’ preference is that it readily accepts all kinds of painting mediums. If it is pre-primed when you get it, an artist can use all kind painting applications such as water paints, oil paints and acrylic paints. So, there is no condition of buying a specific or unique painting application for making your art painting. If you have cotton canvas, you can start your painting straight away without needing to buy any expensive painting application. The use of painting applications will anyhow rely on what kind of result you want to replicate through your artwork. Once you know which painting medium is right, your artwork will create the difference that you are looking for on the stretched cotton canvas.


From the artists’ perspective, another unique benefit of the cotton canvases that they don’t fade away with age. However, it requires some care on the part of the artist because some cautions and precautions come in with the use of every product and cotton canvases is no exception. You have to keep it in a dry place free from moist or dew so that the canvas drawing does not fade, get yellow or get worn out. So, this superior advantage of cotton fabric inspires the artists as they want their artwork to remain longstanding, memorable and historical which can only happen with the help of pure, real and durable cotton canvases. So, if you want your art to last for long, cotton canvases are the way forward for you.



Now that I have elaborated the top features of cotton canvases and why artists go for it, it must have left you intrigued and curious to be getting the high-quality cotton canvases to product art masterpieces. You are a wholesaler, an online retailer or an end consumer looking for top quality cotton canvases, you need not be looking any further as you can get them with the requisite features with canvas wholesale. So, if you want the wholesale cotton canvas at the unbeatable prices then buy cotton canvas at Canvas wholesale, and you won’t be disappointed at all. So, don’t delay get these canvas wholesale and do your favourite stuff… Art!

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